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This tour covers most of the highlights on the West Cappadocia as; Ihlara Valley, Kaymakli Underground City, Güzelyurt Village and Belisirma area.

After you have finished your breakfast at Exedra Hotel Cappadocia on a sunny day, you will start your journey through the door that opens to the time of the WestCappadocia.

DERINKUYU UNDERGROUND CITY is the deepest in subterranean structure in the region that has been discovered so far descending approximately 80 m. The earliest settlement has been identified yet. It was used extensively between 8th to 12th centuries during the Arab-Byzantine wars. Like many other underground cities, Derinkuyu also has tunnel connections to the other cities for escaping the invaders. Rooms that connect at the narrow corridors, living rooms, wine and water cellars, ration storerooms, ventilation tunnels, wells, a church etc.

The complete tour of IHLARA VALLEY is an astounding 16 km. long gorge cut deep by Melendiz Stream with approximately 100 m. High steep sides. This valley was the first Christians settled, escaping Romans starting from 4th century. The canyon is almost untouched by civilization except for simple facilities; the soothing music of the stream, birds singing and abundant vegetation makes all the more pleasant.

AĞZIKARAHAN is the Seljuk Caravanserai on the Silk Road, it was built in 13th century. NARLIGOL is the Crater Lake between Derinkuyu Underground City and Ihlara valley.

BELISIRMA VILLAGE is one of the old Greek Settlement of with the ancient name Peristrema. It is the one of the exist in the middle of trek route from Ihlara Valley has some pyramid-shaped fairy chimneys as well as an impressive rock-cut monastery.

Total Prices:

1 pax 170€
2 pax 190€
3 pax 210€
4 pax 230€
6 pax 270€