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Cappadocia, approved by UNESCO as a world heritage, is a place where mankind, making use of the convenience nature has presented with the rocks called “tufa” which are easy to process and carve, has literally competed with nature to make the region more interesting.

The Hidden Dwellings of Cappadocia tour will give you a deep insight about the religious, military and daily life in the olden days at different natural setting while taking you places of great panoramic views including highest and lowest points inCappadocia.

After starting your day with a delicious breakfast at Exedra Hotel Cappadociayou will go on with this unforgettable experience for the rest of the day.

KAYMAKLI UNDERGROUND CİTY is an amazing subterranean structure entirely carved out of volcanic rocks, the beginning of which is uncertain but thought to have existed in the Hittite Age. It was used by the Christians in the 2nd and 3erd centuries during the Roman persecution and later in 8th to 10th centuries when Moslem Arab raiders were disturbing area. It is the deepest and largest of all the other underground cities in the region. Only 4 floors of the 8 floored city is open to viewing. Rooms that connect at the narrow corridors, living rooms, wine and water cellars, ration storerooms, ventilation tunnels, wells, a churchetc.

After you will go UCHISAR CASTLE being the highest point the region (about 180 m) was the vantage point for military use throughout to history and today most popular spot for the gorgeous 360 degree panoramic view of surrounding valleys.

PIGEON VALLEY, is named for the numerous pigeon houses carved into the rocks to the collect their droppings and use as fertilizer. Your next stop will be ONYX Workshop giving information about onyx stone. You will have the chance to go to GOREME OPEN AIR MUSEUM claimed as a world heritage by UNESCO and see the best examples of Byzantine art in the rock- cut churches of Cappadocia.

ZELVE, the place that is the oldest and the longest in habited, and also where Christianity first started spreading in the region. After Zelve you will go to PASABAG which is home to the only triple coned fairy chimneys and the “Monks Valley”, a place where monks used to stay in the fairy chimneys for seclusion.

DEVRENT VALLEY is also called the Dream Valley due to its famous rock formations. While your tour guide gives you information about the valley, you can go on to find new visual discoveries if you listen to the wind grazing through the fairy chimneys and let your imagination run free.

AVANOS is a well-known town with its pottery created dexterously in the old and modern workshops where red clay is obtained from the banks of Red River. In Turkısh Kızılırmak the most complete river in Turkey (1355 km) makes broads winds as it runs from Central East Anatolia to the Black Sea depositing the red soil its banks that has been used since the Hittite Age. Having watched the making of potteries at AVANOS, which you are definitely going to enjoy, you will start your return journey to Exedra Hotel Cappadocia.