Tonight This Weekend

This tour will take you off the beaten tracks to the least crowded parts of South of Cappadocia that we call Another Angle. Some of the almost untouched sites will carry you to olden days; always peaceful, hospitable and impressively rich in Christian history.

After you have finished your breakfast at Exedra Hotel Cappadocia on a sunny day, facing the view of dove-cotes and cave houses on the terrace you will start your journey through the door that opens to the time of theHittites.

KAYMAKLI UNDERGROUND CİTY is an amazing subterranean structure entirely carved out of volcanic rocks, the beginning of which is uncertain but thought to have existed in the Hittite Age. It was used by the Christians in the 2nd and 3erd centuries during the Roman persecution and later in 8th to 10th centuries when Moslem Arab raiders were disturbing area. It is the deepest and largest of all the other underground cities in the region. Only 4 floors of the 8 floored city is open to viewing. Rooms that connect at the narrow corridors, living rooms, wine and water cellars, ration storerooms, ventilation tunnels, wells, a churchetc.

After your visit to this dream land your journey in time will continue at the old Greek town famous for its stone craftsmanship, SINASOS. Excited friendly local women will be displaying their handmade SOGANLI dolls which were born about half a century ago when grandmother made a rug doll to her granddaughter.

TAŞKINPAŞA VILLAGE is famous for its Medrese from the Karamanid dynasty in the 14th century.

KESLIK MONASTRY is a large complex in within a lush green setting which is thought to be dating from 6th or 7th century, it was used during the Byzantine Age up until the end of Ottoman Empire in the 1920’s.The complex has a large of rock-cut refectory.